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Post by Lion El'Jonson on Mon May 02, 2011 4:48 pm

May I have the pleasure of welcoming our new additions who will make up the 5th legion, the first time we've ever achieved such a feat! Because the 5th is brand new and many of you have not been in TCO very long here is a list of the standard procedures and force organisation the Devils adhere to. Please familiarise yourself with the layout of how things are done here. If any of you have any questions please send me a PM or catch me on the IRC. Our channel is #crimsondevils

• Open and close roll calls and supply their company on supply days
• Check that your people are working in TCO companies
• Return any non used supplies to the Colonel or 2IC depending on which supply it is

• Update the spreadsheet every couple of days at least
• Archive old threads in your Legion forums (especially roll calls and supply threads)
• Keep the forums in shape
• Keep track of the status of soldiers (holidays etc.)
• Write and work on recruitment articles

• Organise Legion comps to increase activity (we want some Devil Legions winning the Champion Legion Award)
• Increase activity and raise morale
• Encourage your boys to troll the Canucks
• Convince Homer, guagature and Pablo to come back to Australia
• Sergeants will be placed in a company but will come under the direct command of the Overall Activity Officer

• Be active – visit the forums at least once a day
• Wear the cog with pride
• Be on IRC when able
• Work in the pits for minimal wage
• Read battle orders and fight accordingly
• Post battle damage in appropriate company thread

Supply Protocol
• Captains will be given supplies directly to supply their Legion with
• Supply days will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday unless specified otherwise in the Officers Lounge
• To be eligible for supply corporals must: post in the weekly roll call, post in the supply thread, work in a Crimson Company and wear the right avatar. If not they don't get supplied until they get sorted out
• Standard supplies are 1-2 Q4 weapons and 15-20 Q3 foods

Crimson Executive
Induction Officer

Do you know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til you understand who's in command here.

You will respect mah authoritah!

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Post by JohnZ on Sun May 15, 2011 10:22 am

Also, i requested you get your own archive thread, (execs being lazy Razz)
So meow your lieutenant can archive threads Razz
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