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TCO Construction Program Empty TCO Construction Program

Post by Homer J Simpson on Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:17 pm

The TCO Construction Program is designed to assist our members to improve their lands/buildings and works alongside the government’s program.

The program works as such:
1. Member posts applications on the TCO Construction Program spreadsheet (the link is in the main forum menu). There is a page for each level of improvement, tabs are located at the bottom of the sheet to change the page.
2. The sheet is checked by the responsible executives on a regular basis
3. When funding is available an executive sends the CAD or gold to the member
4. Before building the member is to check their eligibility for the government program (see other instruction in this forum)
5. Member builds improvements
6. If reimbursed from the government program member is encouraged to donate that amount back to TCO. This is not mandatory.

· All assistance is recorded on the TCO supply spreadsheet(the link is in the main forum menu)
· Members who can afford to are encouraged to donate to the program so that we can help more people.
· Donations are to be made to JRC, Homer J Simpson or Eric Last

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