PTO Blocker request for PP's

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PTO Blocker request for PP's

Post by Crisfire on Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:00 am

Please state

1. Your Party
2. How many blockers you need
3. What regions you need blockers in
4. Congressional month request is for

Please note that your party is responsible forthe cost of moving tickets and health recovery food for blockers, if possible blockers already living in needed blocker regions will be assigned to avoid this cost. Failure to pay will result in your party not recieveing blocker help and being publicly shamed, tar'd and feathered.

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Re: PTO Blocker request for PP's

Post by Artorius Perim on Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:17 am

1. The DAL
2. 3
3. Alberta, Ontario, PEI.
4. April 2011

Alberta-Djgigp1 has been messaged and is blocking

Ontario-Caladbolg is blocking

PEI- Rossarness has been messaged and is blocking

Will update this once they are placed and wearing correct avatar

Total cost of moving 94cad for 3 Q2 mt's
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MOO Blockers

Post by Olafur on Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:00 am

1. MOO
2. Potentially 22
3. British Columbia (1), Florida (2), Maryland (2), Minnesota (1), Newfoundland (1), Northern Ireland (2), Northwest Territories (1), Nunavut (1), Ontario (1), Pennsylvania (2), Prince Edward Island (1), Quebec (1), Saskatchewan (1), Shannon (2), West Virginia (2), Yukon (1)
4. April 2011

Any assistance is much appreciated.

Shannon is covered by 2
Maryland is covered by one need 1 more
QC is covered
NI is covered by 2
BC covered by 1

Total bill so far-60cad 2 moving ticket



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Re: PTO Blocker request for PP's

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